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Washburn High School

Class of 1956 - Lunch Bunch

December 13, 2002

Steak & Ale Restaurant
Bloomington, MN

Names are from left to right
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Bob Christianson
Bruce Ellingson
John O'shea
Tom Woldum
Bob Anderson
Tom Casey
Betty Sanders (Sachs)
Sally Orfald (Burns)

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Bruce Sachs
Jim Burns
Stephanie Hoag (Blohm)
Jim Harris
Bruce Sachs
George Fink
Helen Donnay (Rowland) 
Lee Johnson

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Marna Colliander (Reilly)
Tom McBurney
Kathy Morgan (Johnson)
Sue Guzy (Wright)
Sally Orfald (Burns)
Nancy Bradford (Harrer)
Jay Berwald
Errol Kantor

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Judy Sand (Burmeister)
Barry Graceman
Jack Christofersen
Bob Pouti
Gary Anderson Mike Klausler

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Diane Mesker (Woelm)
Bruce Ellingson
Betty Sanders (Sachs)
Susan Nyvall (Johnson)
Judy Sand (Burmeister)
Barbara Jacobson
Barry Graceman
Helen Donnay (Rowland)
Stephanie Hoag (Blohm)
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Mike Klausler
Errol Kantor
John O'shea Bob Anderson
Tom Casey
Jim Harris
Bruce Sachs
Jim Burns
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Ernie Peacock will buy lunch at
Kincaids for the first one to identify
these people in the correct order.

Those in Attendance:
Bob Anderson, Gary Anderson, Jay Berwald, Nancy Bradford (Harrer), Jim Burns, Tom Casey,
Bob Christianson, Jack Christofersen, Marna Colliander (Reilly), Susan Cramer (Duxbury),
Helen Donnay (Rowland), Curt Dutcher, Bruce Ellingson, George Fink, Barry Graceman, Sue Guzy (Wright),
Jim Harris, Stephanie Hoag (Blohm), Barbara Jacobson, Lee Johnson, Errol Kantor, John Kersey,
Mike Klausler, Tom McBurney, Diane Mesker (Woelm), John Mikelthun, Kathy Morgan (Johnson),
Susan Nyvall (Johnson), Sally Orfald (Burns), John O'shea, Bob Pouti,
Bruce Sachs, Judy Sand (Burmeister), Betty Sanders (Sachs), Tom Woldum

Not Pictured
Susan Cramer (Duxbury), Curt Dutcher, John Kersey, John Mikelthun, & Chuck Thurik

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