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Washburn High School

Class of 1956 - Lunch Bunch

December 14, 2007

Steak & Ale Restaurant

Bloomington, MN

Names are from left to right.
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Jay Berwald
w/ Friend
Jerry Swanson George Fink
Allan Pettit
Bob Beugen '55
Al Garvis
Ellie Reppen (Koopmann) Ruth Hortelius (Sidhom) Jim Harris Wayne Nelson
Susan Nyvall (Johnson) Bob Beugen '55
Lee Johnson
Nancy Ostrander (Ahlberg)
Judy Bierman (Katz)
Dave Porter
Wes Mattson Nancy Bradford (Harrer) Don Mertz Bob Beugen '55
Lee Johnson Barbara Jacobson Kathy Morgan (Johnson) Jay Berwald
Tom McBurney Jim Ervin Tom Casey Jim Ervin
Errol Kantor
Bob Pouti Stephanie Hoag (Blohm)
Errol Kantor
Diane Mesker Woelm Jack Christoferson
Tom McBurney
Susan Nyvall (Johnson)
Gary Anderson Nancy Bradford (Harrer)
Dave Porter
Barbara Jacobson
Bob Anderson

Not Pictured: Chuck Thurik

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