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Washburn High School

Class of 1956 - Reunions

Washburn High School
Class of 1956

Spring Golf 2001 and Reunion Golf

Timber Creek Golf Course
Carver County, Minnesota

Wednesday,  May 30, 2001
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They came early to sharpen their game.  Little did they know the best prize
of all would go to the best caddy.

Someone sure needed a good caddy.
Whose golf bag is lying in the fairway?

The Group
Timber Creek was brought to its knees yesterday by 11 super-senior golfers. What a great bunch.
We even had a gallery, Thurik
and Dutcher.  Christianson led with a 79, followed by Lichliter-83,
Ellingson-84, Buffalo-86, Woldum-87, Campbell-87, Mattson-91, Hawkinson-94, Casey-97,
Lindholm-108, and Hoag-DQ, (his caddy was terrible!).
Casey's team won again! I am worried about his head getting too big!! Friday we will humble him!!!

Friday, June 1, 2001
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As it turned out, Friday's weather would do the humbling -- heavy rain,
tornado warnings, hail, wind, thunder, lightning, and chilly.


 Pictured are many of the hopeful participants.  A few diehards were on the golf course when
these pictures were taken, including the beverage cart. The cart operators took their
assignment seriously. When the rains did not want to let up, many in the crowd adjourned
to Pepitos in South Minneapolis or the Ox Yoke Inn nearby.

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