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Washburn High School

Class of 1956 - Scholarship Winner

Introducing Jacob Polland

Second recipient of the WHS 56 Scholarship Grant - May 2008

Jacob Polland
Jacob Polland with his Mother Cheryl Polland

Letters from Jacob Polland

Hi Errol,
Thank you and your classmates for the scholarship, I am putting your support to good use. This semester I'm taking Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus. I have very large lecture halls estimating around 250 people but then I have a smaller class of around 30 for our work groups. We are nearing our break with finals the next couple of weeks.

Because I am in engineering I pretty much stay in one area of the U and I have classes in about 7 buildings. It is my responsibility to fund my college education so I am living at home and I have a U Pass to take the bus. One of my bus drivers goes to my church, he thinks it's funny to see where I get off his bus. This is my first experience riding the bus, I like to try different buses to get home. I think I'm doing pretty good and I'm glad to be at the U (now if the football team could only improve), we get our grades at the end of the
semester but we do have an advisor who checks in with us to see how it's going.

Since I do most of my work on computer, this week I ordered a laptop so I can keep all my work in one place, I am working at the Golf Dome to fund this purchase. I did try intramural soccer, but the skill level was not what I was looking for. Another engineering student was on a co-ed team playing out at Neiman, they needed guys so I had fun playing with them. I also helped my dad coach my youngest brother's soccer team.

Have a good lunch, thanks again.

Hi Errol,
Thought I would let you know how college is going. The U is on Spring break so I have this week off. Currently I am taking Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, and English. So far Calculus is my favorite class. As long as the Golf Dome stays open I am still working as a golf ball picker to help pay for college.
On Friday nights I take a break to play co-ed volleyball. Tonight I went to watch the Washburn basketball team in their second section game at Concordia. They won by 12 points against Benilde. If they consistently play well they should go to State this year.


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