CLASS OF 1956          

Florida Golf
January 29th, 2004 at Deland, Florida.
Washburn's Florida Golfing Group

L - R Tom Woldum, Bob Buffalo, Tom Casey, Bruce Sachs, John Councilman, Bob Hawkinson

January 2004 at The Dunes Golf and Country Club on Sanibel Island, FL.

Dave & Sally Hennessy with friend.

The 19th Hole
Taken at Captain Al's at South Sea Plantation on Captiva Island, FL.

L to R Jim Eriksson, Jinny Hubbard (Kelby) & Dave Hennessy.


Picture courtesy Errol Kantor - Location - Somewhere in Florida - February 19, 2004

Names courtesy Tom Casey
Front Row
Joan Woldum, Shari Casey, Gail Franklin, Linda Councilman, Bonnie Egertson, Gretchen Kantor, Errol Kantor
Back Row
Tom Woldum, Tom Casey, Bob Hawkinson, Bob Buffalo, John Councilman, Joel Egertson( Central High 1956)

They are the escapees from the last detention session administered by Assistant Principal Frank Janes on the day before graduation at Washburn H.S. in June, 1956. They climbed out of a window of the third floor room in which they were being held and were last seen heading south on foot. They missed the graduation ceremonies and have not been seen since until being captured last month. It was due to the untiring perseverance of Warden Leroy Siegel in his part time position of undercover investigator, as he pursued these perpetrators for almost 48 years, that they have been captured as they ate in a Florida restaurant. They will be brought back to Washburn to serve out the remainder of their detention. It is expected that there will be little tension between these "older" detainees and the currently enrolled students as members of the returning group "are pretty friendly for the most part". They have all expressed remorse and have promised to "never do that again". It is suspected that some have signed on to this declaration, not because they have reformed, but because they can't climb out of a window anymore.   Story by Jim Harris

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