A group of Niblick Nuts gathers nearly
every week for exercise, insults, and fun.
Those enjoying the weekly game include:

Bob Buffalo, John Campbell, Tom Casey, Bob Christianson, Curt Dutcher,
Bruce Ellingson, Tony Frank, Bob Hawkinson, Al Hoag, Errol Kantor,
Lyle Lichliter,
Dick Lindholm, Wes Mattson, Bruce Sachs, Leroy Siegel,
Jim Spetz, Tom Woldum, & Dick Smokstad.

Hole-In-One Listing

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Spring 2000               Fall 2000

45th Reunion Week June 2001

Desert Golf January 2002

Summer 2002    Florida Golf 2004

50th Reunion Week June 2006

If you wish to join this group, contact
Bruce Ellingson at elytrader@hotmail.com

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